Heating & Cooling Service

When your home heating or cooling system is underperforming or breaks down altogether it is important that you find a trusted, dependable and experienced service company to repair it. JDP HVAC/Pratt Bros. is that company if you live in Jefferson, WI or the surrounding communities. Our service technicians are NATE certified and trained in servicing all major brands of HVAC equipment. So whether your furnace or heating system has stopped providing heat, or your cooling system isn’t keeping your home comfortable during our hot, humid summers, call JDP HVAC/Pratt Bros. for professional assistance. We have the solutions you need to get your heating or cooling system operating at optimal levels again as soon as possible.

Heating Repair & Service

By the time your heating system is exhibiting symptoms of not heating properly and you experience the need for repair, the problem has already been present for a while. Heating problems will usually worsen over time, which could lead to much higher expenses than if they addresses early. To ensure minimal damage to your furnace or heating system, as well as keeping your repair costs as low as possible, call JDP HVAC/Pratt Bros. as soon as you notice any issues. Our NATE certified technicians will get your heating system working at peak performance as soon as possible to ensure your home is made as comfortable as you desire.

Here are a couple warning signs that may indicate your home’s heating system may require repair:


  • Inconsistent Heating: If your home just isn’t feeling as warm and comfortable as it once did, you should call an expert HVAC contractor. The problem may be as small as a tiny component or much bigger.
  • Cold Spots: If your heating system seems to be running normally but certain areas or rooms in your home are not being heated sufficiently, there may be a problem with a thermostat or in the way your system is distributing air.

If you are experiencing any problems with your home’s heating system, call JDP HVAC/Pratt Bros. today. We’ll have your home’s heating system operating effectively again in no time.


Air Conditioning Repair & Service

To keep your air conditioner functioning at its best, make sure you change the air filters regularly and call JDP HVAC/Pratt Bros. for an annual professional maintenance checkup. However, if your home’s air conditioner breaks down, our repair technicians will be available to get it working properly ASAP. Keeping our customers comfortable during our hot Wisconsin summers is a top priority for JDP HVAC/Pratt Bros. . We’ll inspect your cooling unit, find the cause of the problem, advise you of the issue and get it fixed so your home can remain as comfortable as you want it.

Here are a few warning signs that could indicate your cooling system may need attention: • Frequent short–cycling (the unit turning on and off) • Inconsistent cooling throughout your entire home or just in a few areas • An unexplained increase in your utility costs during the cooling season
If you experience any of the above or, if you hear any strange noises or odors coming from your home’s ventilation system, call us immediately. We have the training and experience to diagnose and resolve problems with all makes and models of air conditioning systems.

Whether you are experiencing problems with your heating system, air conditioner, or both, JDP HVAC is here to help. To make some simple checks on your own before calling us, check out our repair tips by clicking here.

Call JDP HVAC at 920-541-3636 at the earliest sign of problems with your home’s heating and cooling system. We welcome providing our industry-leading services to our neighbors and our experienced and highly trained technicians will have your HVAC system working properly ASAP.