Frequently Asked Questions

We wanted to share the most common question's we get everyday. We have seperated service question's from installations below.


How long will my furnace/ac last?
While it is nearly impossible to predict a breakdown, we can say regular service, including changing air filters is very important. Normally a low-tier product life expectancy is 10-15 years, while a premium product is 15-20 years. In our experience, if a major part fails in equipment 10+ years old and the repair bill exceeds 25% or more of new installation, we recommend replacement.

Can I sign up for annual service?
Yes, our service agreement is $179, which includes spring ac check, and fall furnace check. You also get 10% off all parts & filters when needed.

Should I purchase a programmable thermostat?
We do recommend a programmable thermostat, in fact it is included in all our new system installations. There is some misinformation out there about programming. You can save money on your energy bills by programming the tempature down while away and increasing tempature when you are home, however, if the outdoor tempature is very cold, we say no more than 5 degree setback. To recover from a 10 degree setback at sub zero tempatures outside, may cause your home to be uncomfortable, and not enough of a energy savings to justify a large setback.

Should I close vents in my home?
We do not recommend closing any vents completly. There are ways to balance airflow to certain areas. The best way to do that is by dampers in the actual duct system. All HVAC products are designed to give a certain amount of airflow to the home, and when they are shut, it can cause numerous problems with the efficiency of your system.


Why should I choose a Lennox product, I'm just paying for the brand?
In a word NO. While we can agree Lennox does have some of the cost of products for advertising, I can assure you there is a difference in quality. Have you ever paid more for an item you knew would last? All of our Lennox products come with a 10 year part and 2 year labor warranty.

I'm having JDP HVAC install my new Lennox furnace, how long does that take?
All furnace installations will be done the day it was scheduled. Typically this process takes 8 hrs to do. When you have an estimate, all measurements are taken, and we fabricate all the custom sheet metal before the install, so on that day, we can get it switched over as soon as possible. Most Home Comfort Systems (furnace & AC) also get installed same day. In certain circumstances, this is a 2 day job. If you have a project type system(all new ducts,new home, remodeling) our timeline will be laid out and we will work around your schedule.

Are there any rebates available?
Yes, this year Focus on Energy is offering $125 on furnaces with 96% efficiency & ECM blower. This would be Lennox SLP98, EL296V, & EL296E. Lennox rebates are available at certain points of the season. Most of Lennox rebates are for systems(furnace&ac). When Lennox rebates are valid, the amounts are usually from $300-$1100 dollars on top of the FOE rewards.